You have a soul & Higher-Self inner wisdom of power’s for Self Ilumination & manifesting. Everyone can re-awaken these within because it is Our natural state of consciousness. Akashic records, the collective cosmic wisdom & ability to ‘tap’ & give Yourself a personal soul reading comes with working with these skills I teach. Open Your 3rd eye the way life is meant to be lived. Raise Your body’s sacred energetic vibration to Self generate & manifest a life You desire with more meaning, renewal, strength, guidance & happiness. Experience daily guiding synchronicities & serendipity. ‘tap into’ 3rd eye inspirations or sudden creative solutions & ideas using ‘time’ more efficiently. Go in life where You really wish to go using Your unique talents, passions & gifts of all kinds, current & past lives. Explore & discover Your many purposes for why Your soul chose to be here at this time of rising consciousness in the world.  Once You have these mastery tools, You are the Self Empowered for life because these wisdom ways of mastery carry You through life & You can blend them powerfully with Your other spiritual practices because these are Universal Cosmic Laws that make Us ALL up & lives through us. You can tap into all of that.  Let go of stress & anxieties of all kinds being Self guided. Discover Your spirit guides, guiding totem animal spirits, decipher dreams, illuminate relationships, bonds & connections of all kinds, generate magical energy for what You need & even receive guiding messages from loved one’s in the spirit world. Understand Your life’s ‘what, whom, why & how’ from a soul perspective, using Cosmic keys of wisdom to all Your inner doorways of dimensional wisdom. Experience more inner peace & calm, happiness, deepest life meaning.  Your soul came to this life with a plan & instructions. Come & experience all of this by mastering Your own unique Soulsign© wisdom supported by shamanic cosmic wisdom for a solid life foundations & direction. Your life will be illuminated to Your 3rd eye. Your life will shift & transform.

As an elder & cosmic soul wisdom keeper, I have 45 years experience & teaching on these sacred tools. I began My shamanic path at age 6 after many months asking My Higher Self to clarify WHY AM I HERE? Indeed why are We All each here? There is a reason. Soon My soul’s Higher-Self gave Me a vision & an ‘out of body experience’ illuminating My journey mission & the pivotal people I would later meet, of whom I had pre-birth agreements with, as WE ALL DO. I teach all the sacred keys of wisdom & techniques & daily processes I used to manifest & complete My life vision over 45 yrs. In 2018, I completed My 45 year long life destiny vision. I did meet the people I ‘saw’ in My vision age 6 & indeed more people I saw in visions, of whom would come to learn. I became expert at understanding how to pass on these wisdom ways people in support of humanity’s evolution in consciousness.

As an elder shaman Wisdom Keeper with over 45 yrs experience working with My Higher Self, spirit guides & Universal/Cosmic Systems of light, I developed My  SOULSIGN© Higher-Self Mastery Program & private services.

I teach My Program both online/in person or at discount to 4 + groups & am open to requests for travel to Your group to teach it.

My only pre-requisite for being accepted into My Self Mastery Program is filling out an application form, completing an interview via skype & taking a LEVEL 1 session with Me as preparational foundation for Your success in the Program.

For all serious inquiries only, please feel free to email Me at My contact email listed in the blue link below. Then, You will receive all pricing & information. *When emailing, include Your real legal name/address/phone number I can reach You at. I usually respond within 3 days.

These Ancient wisdom ways have endured for thousands of years because they work in alignment with all that is light and natural intuitive Universal/Cosmic energies that created life everywhere & resides within Your Soul as You. You learn how to be a participator with all that is Universal Cosmic consciousness. In this program, at your own pace, You Self initiate.


– 12 Weekly 90 min classes/weekly intuitive support/weekly Q & A/ weekly written instructions with customised guidance information.

– My Ancient Wisdom Higher Self Mastery Book of Foundations including shamanic information refined by My past 45 years of shamanic path experience & Ancient Soul/Mother Earth/Cosmic Wisdom.

– My Higher-Self meditations, energy & vision techniques & daily processes

  • In person program clients receive a body chakra balance/soul alignment energetically to cleanse current/past life energy blocks/& deep body reading. 

You Learn & Experience & Receive:

– Higher Self & Cosmic wisdom self mastery sacred connections to always be able to ‘talk’ with Your Soul Higher-Self & totem animals for life guidance as well as connect with guiding archetypes that Jung & Joseph Campbell wrote about, balanced with My Gerard Egan counselling & intuitive shamanic guidance for an overall, complete grounded spiritual experience of insights, synchronicities, dreams, energy work, creative impulses, and deep inner work that inspires & awakens Your soul & elevates Your human life.

– Ancient wisdom techniques, daily processes, ceremony & alter set up for receiving & sending energies for visions, manifesting & connecting with inner cosmic collective ‘doorways’ of consciousness advancement

– Personal readings & guidance that go deepest as related to Program advancement teachings, of all My individually offered session Levels as part of Your learning. I custom design each teaching/guidance class for the deepest success of each client.

– Understand deeper about current & past life experience’s meaning, Your soul’s gifts & how to work & combine it all personally & collectively.

Who this is for & what is required of You: 

It suits those who are SERIOUSLY dedicated & committed to living this program immersion seamlessly blended into everyday conventional routine life as core ways of living. It takes an hour a day in tiny bits of daily practice so You do not need to take time off life to take this course as it was designed to go along & fit into whatever life schedule You already have. In fact, You will feel how applying what You learn & experience from the start, will make Your life easier & more open for more guidance ease, right from the start because of it’s basic yet powerful principles. This is the reason for total life immersion from day 1. This is how life & spirit work together through You in every minute of life. Even in sleep, Your dreams will become powerful guidance. You begin to ‘see’ how inter-dimensional higher-self guidance can be ‘tracked’ through all aspects of Your waking sleeping life. You will be able to receive communication in connecting with Mother Earth & Nature in a way You may not have experienced yet or as deeply. responsibly. If You meet all those criteria, this self mastery program will be a success for You.

If You wish to advance swiftly along your soul aligned path I can help support You to do that through this Self Mastery Program of core foundations which You continue on Your own at the end of this program. Beginners will gain a solid cosmic framework You can advance at your own pace in future.

SoulSign© Program Testimonals

“In regards to challenges I faced before working with you: I would have to say TRUST I lacked trust in myself and my ability to really connect to the divine source. Even though I know we are all capable and we all have the same unlimited potential I lacked the ability to trust that I could do it. I also think I had a fear of disconnection as its the scariest thing I can think of and is my greatest fear. Some of the significant outcomes I have experienced is my growing ability to trust my intuition and follow it. I am also able to be more open spiritually and to journal which in the beginning I didn’t think I could do because I thought I would have nothing to write I was able to learn that a feeling is a good place to start and that you don’t always have to have powerful visuals for it to be significant or hold meaning. I have learned to trust timing and gather each bit like a grain of sand and that over time it will add up to something . Like how everyday nothing much seems to change but when we look back in a year we could be completely different. I am also finding more understanding and that there is also a reason for timing and for why a little at a time is best and that if I feel disconnected I have the power to reconnect and begin again. My life right now is good I feel more able to connect and see what is mine to see. To trust that if it feels right it is Trusting that intuition gut feelings as my mom used to call it and know that everything I need will come when I need it. I feel more balanced and when I don’t I feel I know better how to correct that in a world that is so unbalanced it is important to stay centered. I am taking the time to do this and apply what I have learned in this course. What I will do now is continue to explore what I have learned using my talents and also my newly acquired knowledge and skills to keep exploring this path. I still have a lot to explore and since we never stop evolving and growing I will continue to work deeper. I am trying more to make time to reconnect and to just be. Giving myself time to journal and reflect to be with nature and to listen to what my soul needs. What I have learned so far will impact my life in a positive way because it has opened up the door for the potential that was always there & I am better able to use what skills I have and learn new ones along the way as I believe taking this course with Sylvia has coaxed out what was hidden away . With gentle encouragement and support from someone who has walked the path before me I was able to see that I can do it too and though my gifts may be different they are just as useful and valuable. That I should trust my self and my intuition and believe that the universe is communicating with us. I have really grown as a person in many aspects and I believe this course exploration will help to set the stage for my future endeavours. I am grateful for all that I have received through this. I would encourage all who feel the call to learn from Sylvia to do it. She offers gentle support and a loving energy to help you along the path no matter what level or stage of progression you are at and helps you to know where ever you are it is just right. She is easy to communicate with and I feel she is very intuitive and really cares about helping you to open up and explore the deeper parts of yourself in a way that is very individual and personal. Enabling that connection and helping us to learn to be in better balance overall and helps you to apply the learned Intuitive skills to all aspects and threads of your life. I feel very fortunate to have found my way to her and very grateful for what I have received from working with her. It is an absolute pleasure and I will always remember what I have gained from my experience and even as I continue on my path she will remain to be one of the greatest teachers I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

Paola Anderson – Alberta, Canada,


“The course definitely brought more awareness into my everyday life. I realised that for every action there is reaction – and this became more than theory, it became reality. The course shed light onto parts of my life that I haven’t looked at for quite some time, and indeed have avoided. Casting light onto shadow – life changing
“More awareness. I see more, I feel more, I listen more. Everything has a message and a purpose.
I take notice of my dreams and the messages that come from them; advice, knowledge, wisdom and guidance.
I feel more able to handle more challenging aspects of life. I’ve got more perspective now – so if something happens that causes a stir, or I find difficult, I try to look at the bigger picture. I ask myself what this is teaching me / what am I meant to learn here? Everything on Earth is a lesson.
“I would say work with Sylvia. She can change your life in a supportive, genuine, caring and approachable way.”ALEXANDRA STEWART – KINESIOLOGIST – AUSTRALIA